Giclee print (*) from a 2011 work with collage and acrylic paint.

Here we see two Mona Lisa's side by side. I have always found the "plurality" of two or more things enigmatic. This is because any thing or phenomenon, no matter how similar it may appear, is a one-time event, and will never appear as the same one. In the original work, I used two Mona Lisas, who, one of the world's rare, unshakable image, and covered a part of their faces which we know so well with trace of paint by a single brush stroke. The trace has a one-time appearance, and represents that the apparent plurality of these women underneath is a forged.

I thought about this after I created the work. The possible interpretation of a work, which is more comfortable for me than what I had planned before or at the time of creation, always comes from the created things themselves. This, I believe, is the value of actually creating things rather than just imagining or thinking.

(*)Giclee prints: Museum-quality digital prints with high resolution, wide color range, and excellent preservation properties, which are printed based on data through dedicated professional inkjet printers.

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