個展の他、くどやま芸術祭(和歌山)、岩国ビエンナーレ(山口)、京都芸術センター 藝文京展他のアートフェアや展示に参加。
全国和紙画展 金賞、FUKUIサムホール美術展 準大賞、国際版画公募FEI
プリントアワード 美術の窓賞 その他の受賞があります。

Zelan studied under Kenji Kitagawa, a leading artist of copperplate prints, objects, and collages, and has developed a unique mixed media techniques using collage, painting, and prints.

Besides solo exhibitions, she has participated in art fairs and group exhibitions such as Kudoyama Art Festival (Wakayama), Iwakuni Biennale (Yamaguchi), and Kyoto Art Center's Geibunkyo Exhibition. She has won awards at Japanese Traditional Paper Art competition, FUKUI Small Painting exhibition, FEI Print Award and others. Lecturer at Meguro Gakuen Culture School "Creating Your First Collage". Living in Tokyo, Japan.

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