Combine the Coincidences

Collage & Paintings

Zelan learned from Kenji Kitagawa, a leading artist of copperplate print, box art, and collage in Japan, and has developed a unique mixed media techniques using collage, prints and paintings.

Her central interest is to find the order inherent in this world through expression made by chance and combination.

Besides solo exhibitions, she has participated in art fairs and group exhibitions such as Kudoyama Art Festival (Wakayama), Iwakuni Biennale (Yamaguchi), and Kyoto Art Center's Geibunkyo Exhibition. She has won awards at Japanese Traditional Paper Art competition, FUKUI Small Painting exhibition, FEI Global Print Award and others. Lecturer at Meguro Gakuen Culture School "Creating Your First Collage".

And now, she is just beginning in 2021 to explore the NFT market, which is heralding the dawn of a new era in art and its distribution.

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At Meguro Gakuen Culture School (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), I'm offering a collage course for beginners to intermediate students.

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